Weekly Portions (Parashah)

Reading the Word of G-d changes lives. At Beth Hallel, we follow a reading sequence that has existed for thousands of years, and yet is ‘new every day.’ It has three components: Parashah made up of Torah and Haftorah, and the Brit Hadasha.

Each Shabbat, synagogues around the world recite and study a Parashah from Torah. The word ‘parashah’ simply means ‘portion.’ By reading the portions weekly, we soak in the entire Torah (first five books of the Bible) each year, beginning and ending on the holiday of Simchat Torah, the Joy of Torah, in October or November.

In addition to the Torah readings, Jews worldwide read specific selections from the Haftorah, or the remaining books of Tanakh. Tanakh describes the entire Old Testament; the word is an acronym for Torah (T), Nevi’im (N) (Prophets), and Ketuvim (Writings). These Haftorah selections were established circa 200 B.C.E.

Each Shabbat, Messianic Jewish Congregations worldwide also read a selection from the Brit Hadasha, the New Testament Scriptures promised to us through the Jewish prophet, Jeremiah (Jeremiah 31). These portions vary, but are chosen to magnify the Torah and Haftorah thematically; they also demonstrate Yeshua’s fulfillment of the promise. At Beth Hallel, we typically read the New Testament scripture selections found at

Here are three ways you can fully experience the Parashot (readings):

  1. Read the complete selections, tuck them in your heart, and pray over them during the week. Also, ask to discern a revelation from G-d each day.
  2. Come to our Friday night Shabbat service to hear and participate in the public reading of selected scriptures taken from the complete readings of the week. Each service includes a portion of G-d’s word from Torah, Haftorah, and the Brit Hadasha.
  3. Come to our ‘deep dive’ Saturday morning Torah class where you will hear a detailed teaching on the week’s Torah portion and receive additional thematic instruction tying together the whole wonderful Word of G-d from Genesis through Revelation.

Participating in all three worship and study times will keep you rooted in the Word of G-d. It’s a life changer!

Additionally, every weekday morning from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m., members of our Readers of the Word service area read the Bible aloud. The entire Bible is read several times each year.

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